Kakwenza pays off Shs40M to save his sureties

Satirical Ugandan writer, Kakwenza Rukirabasheija has reportedly paid off Shs40 million as recently obliged by court to stop his four sureties from being arrested.

In a tweet, Kakwenza confirmed paying the money but said he was disappointed that the same government that ‘tortured’ him had squeezed him to the extent of making him pay that money.

“And just like that, Uganda government robbed me of Shs40m in the name of discharging sureties' obligation on me! A government that steals from the poor tortured!” he said in a tweet.

The payment was confirmed by Kakwenza's longtime lawyer and friend Eron Kiiza.

Kakwenza who faces charges of offensive communication for disturbing the peace of President Museveni and son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, was granted a Shs500,000 cash bail in January after presenting four sureties.

The sureties included; National Unity Platform  Secretary General Lewis Rubongoya, lawyer Julius Galisonga,  Annah Ashaba, a teacher at Kololo Secondary School and  Job Kiija.

Days after his release, the author fled the country to German where according to him, had gone to seek better treatment for wounds he claims were inflicted on him by torturers while in jail.

However, on Monday, Buganda Road Chief Magistrate, Dr. Douglas Singiza issued arrest warrants for all his four sureties in the case.

“An arrest warrant is issued against all the four sureties in this case,” Dr. Singiza said.

Singiza had said that if the sureties appeared in court with the bail money(shs10 million each), their obligation as sureties would be discharged and the arrest warrant cancelled.

To save his sureties, Kakwenza, had last week, launched a Shs 40m fundraising campaign to help his four sureties get the money to stop the arrest warrant.

“My friends who stood surety for me owe court Shs40m because I fled the country for my life. It’s upon me now to raise the money and pay court–in respect of summons. I’m looking for 5,000 people who can send Shs8,000…” Kakwenza said last week.

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