Detectives raid another NGO

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A team of detectives from the criminal investigations directorate of the police this afternoon arrested Francis Lulahale, a data assistant at The Uhuru Institute i(TUI) in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, after seven hours of searching the organisation's premises.

The detectives also left with five computers and mobile phones of all staff at the institute after securing a warrant to comb through the financial statements of the institute.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the search ,the institute’s associate director Leonard Okello said that they are not yet certain about the interests of the law enforcement officers.

It is suspected that the office raid could be linked to the on-going campaign, by some civil society organisations, against the lifting of the presidential age-limit.

Okello has been a vocal critic of the proposed amendment.

According to its website, the TUI is a social business "that applies business acumen to promote wealth creation, defend human rights, nurture democratic practice, and promoting social good."

The police has in the last couple of weeks conducted searches at a number of civil society organisations including Action Aid International and Great Lakes Initiative on Strategic Studies (GLISS) and Solidarity Uganda , a Lira based civil society organisation.

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