Fruit farmers want law to regulate use of pesticides

Catherine Nakato 

Fruits and vegetable farmers have expressed fear that the increasing use of chemicals as pesticides could affect the export viability of their produce and harm users.

In interviews with Nile Post, the farmers said the lack of a food safety law leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to required standards for the export market.

"As a country for the long time we have failed to have a strong food safety law in Uganda. Food safety control is fragmented amongst different institutions and therefore it’s not very effective and that’s why countries like Kenya and Tanzania are complying very fast," said Samuel Balagadde, the vice chairperson of Hortifesh.

Dr Doris Kiconco, a trade advisor said sensitisation needed to be done among farmers on which type of pesticides to use during and after the harvest to yield better products for global markets.

He said some of the chemicals used could cause cancer.

"When you take in these chemicals you may not die instantly because it may not be a lethal doze but slowly by slowly they affect the way your body is functioning," he said.


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