Kayunga by-election: Nakweede, Muwonge cast the vote; speak out on ballot stuffing


The National Unity Platform candidate, Harriet Nakweede and NRM’s Andrew Muwonge have both expressed optimism at winning the ongoing Kayunga LC5 by-election.

The two candidates who are in close contest on Thursday cast the vote their respective polling stations.

At 9:45am, Nakweede cast her vote at Namagabi B polling station whereas Muwonge voted a few minutes later at 10:35am at Light College polling station, all in Kayunga town council.

Speaking shortly after casting her vote, the NUP candidate said she is confident the election is going her way, adding that it is only a matter of time and she is declared winner of the hotly contested by-election.

“The people know who they are supposed to vote for. They have hope that after voting for me, service delivery in the district is going to improve. I am very sure voters at all polling stations have made the right decision to vote for me as their next LC5 chairman,”Nakweede.

NRM’s Andrew Muwonge shared similar sentiments, saying he is confident of winning the hotly contested election.

“I have cast my vote and we are earning our victory today. Iam the gift that God has given Kayunga for a son of the soil to become the LC5 chairman,”Muwonge said.

Ballot stuffing

However, both candidates commented about the reports of ballot stuffing in various parts of the district.

Earlier, in Kangulumira town council there were reports of pre-ticked ballot boxes in favour of NRM’s Muwonge.

A similar incident was reported in Kyato Mwoloola in Kayonza subcounty.

Speaking about the incident, the NUP candidate described the incident as unfortunate but insisted this wouldn’t derail their cause.

“The law says voting starts at 7am but at some polling stations, by 6am, the ballot boxes were full. We also got reports of people who were seen pre-ticking votes at night. However, all these schemes will not succeed. What they have will only ensure their candidate doesn’t come out with nothing at those particular polling stations but won’t ensure his victory. The people of Kayunga know what they want,”Nakweede said.

“I ask my supporters to remain vigilant. Don’t lose hope because the victory is ours. Go out in big numbers and vote.”

When asked to comment about the reports of ballot stuffing in his favour, NRM’s Andrew Muwonge dismissed the same as mere allegations.

“I cant comment on something I haven’t seen with my eyes.  I haven’t seen any( pre-ticked ballots in his favour). I don’t see any reason for ballot stuffing in my favour,”Muwonge said.

The NRM candidate also dismissed claims of voter bribery and intimidation of voters by security agents.

"It is better for security to answer those allegations. These are tricks by the opposition."

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