Kayunga LC5 by-election: The key facts and figures

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Voters in Kayunga district will today, December, 16 vote their next LC5 chairperson in a hotly contested by-election to fill the vacant left behind after the death of Mohamed Ffeffekka Sserubogo in June.

The election has attracted six candidates including NRM’s Andrew Muwonge, NUP’s Harriet Nakweede, DP’s Anthony Waddimba and independent candidates Majid Nyanzi, Jamir Kamoga and Boniface Bandikubi.

The biggest contest is however between the NRM and NUP candidates in the race.

Key facts and figures

Located in Central Uganda, Kayunga has a population of slightly over 407,700 as per Uganda Bureau of Statistics whereas the number of voters according to the Electoral Commission is also slightly above 190,000.

Carved out of Mukono district in 2000, Kayunga has three constituencies including Bbaale, Ntenjeru North and Ntenjeru South whereas the district also has 13 subcounties.

Kayunga also has 71 parishes, 407 villages and 338 polling stations according to data from EC.


According to the district Returning Officer, Jennifer Kyobutungi, Kayunga has eight areas which are normally hotbeds of violence during elections including Bbaale, Kayonza,Kitimbwa, Kayunga subcounty, Kayunga town council, Kangulumira, Nazigo subcounty and Nazigo town council.


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