EC names eight hotspots as Kayunga goes into polls


The Electoral Commission has named eight places described as hotspots that they say will be on their watchlist as Kayunga district goes into polls to elect their next LC5 chairperson.

Voters in Kayunga will tomorrow, December, 16 vote their next LC5 chairperson in a hotly contested by-election to fill the vacant left behind after the death of Mohamed Ffeffekka Sserubogo in June.

Speaking to candidates and their agents on Wednesday, the Kayunga district Returning Officer, Jennifer Kyobutungi named Bbaale, Kayonza,Kitimbwa, Kayunga subcounty, Kayunga town council, Kangulumira, Nazigo subcounty and Nazigo town council as places to watch out for during the hotly contested election tomorrow.

“These areas are characterized by violence especially during such activities and security is aware of these places,”Kyobutungi said.

The Kayunga District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police Felix Mugizi said security has already mapped out these areas and ready to respond in case of any incidents of violence.

“We are a non-violent force and we will not tolerate violence and intimidation. We will not allow demonstrations, non-observance to Covid SOPs, civil disorder, riots and other crimes that may come up,”Mugizi said.

He explained that the joint security forces will deploy both uniform and plain-clothed officers in a bid to prevent any violent incidents and commission of any other crimes.

Rules of engagement

In the past, security has been blasted of using excessive force in quelling incidents of violence during elections in several parts of the country which has on several occasions resulted into deaths and injuries

However, the Kayunga DPC said they will only use proportionate force while handling any situations that may come up during the election.

“As Uganda Police Force, we shall be guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Police Act, Penal Code and the basic principles guiding law enforcement. We shall abide by the general principle of being non-destructive and using non-lethal means on use of force and particularly firearms,” Mugizi said.

“The forces shall be human rights compliant guided by the principles of using force authorized by the law, proportional to the attacking or offending force.”

The Kayunga DPC however warned his subordinates that they must be ready to account for the force used while quelling incidents of violence during the election.

Justice Byabakama warns

The Electoral Commission chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama warned candidates, their agents and supporters against engaging in any forms of violence as the consequences would be dire.

“It is like Kayunga and violence are Siamese twins conjoined together but we can change this. It is us the people who can stop the violence. We should choose to conduct ourselves in a peaceful, civil and law abiding manner,”Byabakama said.

“Violence begets violence and it doesn’t determine a winner. Violence is only disruptive.  Let us be law abiding. Uganda has been known by many other countries as an island of peace where many run for refugee. Let not us the natives destroy our country. Elections are a process that come and go but life continues. I appeal to candidates, agents and supporters to conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions of the law.”

Justice Byabakama warned that security will be ready to arrest anyone who starts violence.


The Kayunga LC5 race has attracted six candidates including NRM’s Andrew Muwonge, NUP’s Harriet Nakweede, DP’s Anthony Waddimba and ndependent candidates Majid Nyanzi, Jamir Kamoga and Boniface Bandikubi.

However, the hot contest is between the NUP and NRM candidates who are neck to neck with each other.


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