Don’t use your personal wars to mislead NRM voters in Kayunga, PM Nabbanja warns Nantaba

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The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja has warned former Lands Minister Aida Nantaba against misleading NRM voters in Kayunga by directing them on who to vote in the forthcoming LC5 by-election.

“Nantaba should not confuse you. She should also stop deciding for you who to vote. Let her continue being an MP but leave you to vote for your own LC5 chairman. Why does she think she is the only wise person,”Nabbanja said on Friday while campaigning for NRM’s Andrew Muwonge.

Nantaba recently announced she will campaign for Majid Nyanzi who came on the independent ticket.

Prime Minister Nabbanja who has camped in Kayunga for three days warned that the fights between Nantaba and NRM district chairman, Moses Kalangwa should not be used to mislead people on who to vote.

“Nantaba is my good friend but we are fed up of their wars with Kalangwa. Muwonge should not be involved in their wars. We shouldn’t sacrifice Muwonge because of their personal wars. What if they happen to reconcile, what will happen,”Nabbanja wondered.

“She should not decide for you who to vote. Is she the one who asked you to vote President Museveni or your MP Amos Lugoloobi? Will she be there is the ballot box while you vote? Tell her not to confuse you.”

Nabbanja told the locals that the election is no longer between Muwonge and his opponents but rather the NRM and the opposition.

She urged that in a bid to ensure proper service delivery, the people of Kayunga should vote for the NRM candidate.

The NRM director for mobilization, Rosemary Sseninde stung National Unity Platform’s Harriet Nakweede whom she described as one who doesn’t know what she wants.

“She first stood for the Woman MP seat and lost. The case is still in court and now she is disturbing us that she wants to be the LC5 chairperson.  The people of Kayunga said they wanted a youthful leader and here is Muwonge,”Sseninde said.

Campaigns heat up

With less than a week to the December 16 election to choose the next Kayunga LC5 chairperson, the campaigns are now heated up.

Whereas in the ruling NRM party camp, the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja , NRM Vice chairperson for central region, Godfrey Kiwanda and NRM director for mobilization, Rosemary Sseninde have led the campaigning team, on the other side, the NUP candidate, Harriet Nakweede has also brought opposition bigwigs to add energy to  her campaigns.

Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze and  Bobi Wine’s  brother Fred Nyanzi are among the opposition legislators who have graced Nakweede’s campaign rallies.


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