By voting Museveni, Ugandans made the right choice, says presidential advisor Walusimbi

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Abbey Walusimbi has  said that by voting President Museveni again, Ugandans made the right choice.

Amb. Walusimbi who doubles as the NRM Diaspora League Chairman made the remarks during President Museveni’s victory party in South Africa organized by the NRM Southern Africa Chapter leaders.

“I wish to use this platform and congratulate him(Museveni) on the stellar results which show that he is  not only good for Uganda but also proves why he is one of our top African leaders.  Africa deserves more people in charge like him,” Walusimbi said.

Desist from sectarianism

The Senior Presidential Advisor on diaspora affairs however urged Ugandans across the world  desist from sectarian politics which he said is not only old fashioned but outdated.

“I know there is a wave from the opposition that made some of our members doubt where our party stands in Uganda’s politics, but I am sure you have realized over these past few months how much light can't be put out by any one little ripple.  The yellow sun will always shine on us,” Walusimbi said.

Walusimbi noted  that the event has created an opportunity for each individual to remember the common responsibility of spreading unity.

“We all left our motherland not because we love it less, but rather in hopes of bettering its reputation and gaining access to resources that could benefit both Uganda as well as us. This means putting differences aside for the greater good; these are things like working towards common goals or bringing new ideas into play instead of brooding over old arguments.”

“We are all members of this party and we should work hard to make it a success. We have the power in our hands and on behalf of President Museveni. Lets endeavor to use our party slogan of peace, unity and  transformation for prosperity as the first foot forward.

He also asked all Ugandans abroad to invest home to ensure not only their home country develops but also create employment for youths.

He applauded the NRM Southern Africa Chapter led by Isma Luzige for uniting Ugandans in the the countries they oversee.

During the event, the government Chief Whip, Thomas Tayebwa reechoed government commitment to extend a number of services to Ugandans in the Diaspora.

“We are going to send you biometric machines to capture your finger prints and data, this will help reduce on the time you access your National IDs. We shall also change the courier who has been transporting your passport for easy access,” Tayebwa said.

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