Uganda Entertainment Awards organisers get stuck as revellers curse “lousy” event

The third edition of the Uganda Entertainment Awards could well be registered as a disappointment yet again, following several lash outs from revellers and nominees at large.

The awards that happened on Saturday night at Serena Hotel in Kampala, might have upset a litany of people and they are not willing to hide it

The CEO at Ocean Media, took a swipe at the event organisers, saying this would be the last time he ever sets foot at the same:rn

“Who is the organizer of Uganda Entertainment Awards ????, everything is messed up and disorganized, this is my last time to attend Ugandan music awards, please Isaac Mulindwa we need PAM awards back because these people are just wasting our time. These awards are fake...people just sit in bars and come up with the idea of organizing the awards, please stop fooling Ugandans,” Tony Ocean Media said

A one Ruth Rex, a social media reveller also had no kind words for the awards organizers:“9th Sept marked the end of my participation in Uganda entertainment awards and I swear to myself that whenever i come across these things like vote, nominate I will act like a blind person. You can’t tell people to vote then you come out and award your own. Why waste our time to vote yet you already know the winners? Looking at the voting platforms twitter, Instagram, people who really gave in their best to vote were taken as FOOLS. Thank u for awarding the opposite. Ugandan awards are so biased. Thank u for awarding your counterparts, friends and family members. May your awards Rest In Peace. #SoDisorganized i wish I didn’t spend my 50k mbu buying ticket and voting.”

However, some of the participants were in praise for the awards. Shasha Vybs, who won the Video Director Award was over the moon, thanking event organizers and votersrnMeanwhile, Singer Edirisa Musuza, alias Eddy Kenzo once again emerged biggest winner at the awards, sweeping the artiste of the year, video of the year and the Male artiste of the year awards. The results look unchanged from last year’s awards when he won almost the same awards

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