Kabuleta: Debate on side effects of Covid-19 vaccine should not be silenced 

Former presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta, has lashed out at some of the government agencies that are denying Ugandans public services for failure to take Covid-19 jabs.

He noted that Ugandans should not be forced to take Covid-19 vaccines against their will because they have advance side effects which shouldn't be taken lightly by the government.

Recently, the ministry of Health banned all staff who are not vaccinated from accessing their premises as one of the efforts to control the spread of Covid-19.

The National Medical Stores (NMS) had also issued a similar statement banning staff and visitors who are not vaccinated from accessing their premises. The practice is becoming common to most of the government agencies, a move which is seen by some politicians as unfair.

Speaking to the media in Kampala, Kabuleta,said there is ongoing debate across the world about the side effects of these vaccines which cannot be silenced in Uganda.

"According to the policy here on vaccination, the people who manufacture the vaccines are protected by law, you can't sue them. The people who administer the vaccines are protected by law and you cannot sue them and the people who do research for the vaccines are protected,"he said.

He explained that the only person who is not protected by the law is the person who receives the vaccines.

Kabuleta slammed government for suppressing the debate about the side effects of these vaccines, adding that this will not be accepted.

"So many people [doctors] are saying they are being threatened if they come out and give alternative opinion. So the ministry of Health is threatening all other medics who are even more qualified than them, telling them if you come out we are going to withdraw your licenses," he said.

He said that across the world there has been big demonstration by people who are refusing to get this Covid-19 vaccine because it’s a trial vaccine.

"There is a pharmacist I know who spoke about the side effects of these Covid-19 vaccines and as we speak now, she has a hearing tomorrow {today} in the pharmaceutical council, they are threatening to withdraw the license and they are not disputing any of the things that are being said," Kabuleta said.




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