Economy to fully reopen in January, says Museveni


There is finally light at the end of the tunnel after President Museveni assured Ugandans that the economy will be fully reopen in January.

“We shall be able to open schools and the rest of the economy by January 2022 with rational safety. Whether people go for vaccination or not, we shall still reopen the economy but if anything goes wrong, the moral responsibility is yours," the president said.

In the past, there have been calls from various stakeholders onto government to reopen the economy but the president had stuck to his guns.

Whereas in the past, he said that the full reopening of the economy was tagged on vaccination of a sizeable number of the population, on Thursday, President Museveni said government will reopen no matter the vaccination status.

He however noted that by December, a total of 23 million doses of the covid vaccines will have been received and that these will be able to vaccinate 12 million people.

According to the president, among the 12 million will be the 4.8 million frontline workers like security personnel, teachers, non-teaching staff in education institutions, medical personnel and those who are vulnerable including market workers, bar workers, students at universities, adults above 58 years and those with underlying illnesses.

“Many of the vaccines needed to vaccinate the 12 million are now available. By end of December more than 12 will have been vaccinated out of the 21 who should be vaccinated. Within 12million are 4.8 million who are to act as fire break,” he said.

The president however expressed concern that Ugandans over 50 years of age have refused to get vaccinated but noted that the vaccination is to help them against the virus.

“I don’t believe that Ugandans are refusing to get vaccinated, they are just not told. I now want to inform you that vaccines are available at the health centres. I am telling Ugandans that vaccines for frontline workers and other categories are available. Go to health centre IIIs and get vaccinated.”

The president asked sub county chiefs, GISOs and Chief Administrative Officers to ensure they mobilise the population to get vaccinated.

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