Nothing to worry about, says Police after terror alert on Uganda issued by UK

Police have asked members of the public to remain calm over the recent warning by the United Kingdom that terrorists could carry out an attack in Uganda.

On Thursday, the UK government asked its citizens to be vigilant as they got to crowded places including restaurants, bars and hotels among others.

However, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said whereas counter terrorism teams take such warnings serious and important, they will not increase the threat levels.

“We want to assure you that have our joint counter terrorism teams that subject such alerts to validation. We take time to analyse them(threats) to see whether the attack is imminent in nature,”Enanga said.

He noted that on crosschecking with the UK and French embassies in Uganda, it was established that  there isn’t any imminent attack.

“When we crosschecked with our counterparts from the two embassies, they said the alerts were based on the actions in Pader where a suspected suicide bomber was arrested and one Hamidu Nsubuga who was suspected to be part of the plot and was killed in Kawempe. They(embassies) didn’t have exact information on the said attacks but based on those incidents. We feel it is not necessary to heighten our threat level at this time,”Enanga said.

He added,” Since 2010, we have thwarted several plots both from outside and within our country. We continue to review the security posture across the country. The publis should remain calm and go about their normal activities but remain vigilant.”

According to Enanga, in case of any suspicious person or unattended to baggage, members of the public should alert security.

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