"Besigye's pressure group was formed on flimsy grounds; we cant be party to it, says DP

The Democratic Party (DP)  has said that they will not join the new formed People’s Front for Transition (PFT), an opposition pressure group led by Dr. Kizza Besigye  because they were not consulted enough.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala, DP spokesperson Okoler Opio Lo Amanu  their party is the chief proponent and most consistent supporter of principled unity amongst all change seekers, but  noted they will not join the new pressure group  because it  is based on ‘flimsy grounds.”

“There needed to be exclusive consultations on how to work together as change seekers, the many unresolved issues amongst ourselves could only be sorted through an honest conversation,” Amanu said.

The DP mouthpiece said that there was no need to rush into launching the front before talking to all change seekers.

“We should talk before merging efforts. To build meaningful coalitions, DP believes that most of the time should be spent working on the process of unity than unity itself, this forms a strong foundation anchored on principles and strong values,” he added.

He noted that the  oldest party  is glad that it is now evident that no body or a single group of individuals can deliver change alone.

“We should listen to each other and move in unison. We missed an opportunity to work together in the last concluded elections because some group argued that Ugandans had united so they saw no value to wait for others, we are back to square one. We need each other as change seekers."

The Democratic Party now becomes the second party to come out and distance itself from the newly formed pressure group which seems to have faced resistance from change seeking Ugandans on the onset.

The leaders of the National Unity Platform on Tuesday also said they will not join the new pressure group despite supporting its ideas and goals.

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