Headteacher to spend rest of his life in prison for sodomising pupils

International Crimes Division of the High Court  in Kampala has sentenced a headteacher to life imprisonment after being convicted of human trafficking and aggravated defilement.

Didas Mpagi, also known as  Bakulu, the former  headmaster of Real Infant Primary School in Wakiso District committed the offences between 2018 and 2019 and was on Friday  informed he would spend the rest of life on earth in jail for sodomising pupils at his school.

Prosecution told court that between 2017 and 2019, Mpagi received and harboured six children at Real Infant Primary School in Wakiso District where he sexually exploited them in his capacity as headmaster of the school.

He had promised them scholarships for their education and child welfare and consequently had them admitted to the boarding section and relocated from his home to the boarding section.  Mpagi however threatened not to assist the children if they did not comply with his exploitative demands.

In his judgement, Justice David  Wangutusi said it was unfortunate that the man who had been trusted by parents to look after their children turned against them.

“The accused was the custodian of these children. He had received them from very poor families whom he had given assurance that the children would be looked after properly. Parents were happy that they had got a fees relief not knowing that they had handed their children to a defiler.  Instead of giving the children what was expected of a teacher, the convict took upon himself to rubbish them, causing injury and permanent trauma. Such should not be left in circulation of people's sons if they are to be safe,”Wangutsi said.

“I sentence the convict on each and every count from 1-12 to imprisonment for the remainder of his natural life. These sentences to run concurrently.”


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