Muslim leaders urged to sensitise communities about HIV, GBV

Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda has urged Muslim leaders to sensitise their communities about the upsurge of HIV, gender-based violence and violence against children.

The UMSC secretary for Administration, Haj Wahabu Rugasa delivered the Mufti’s message during the review program meeting organised by Uganda Muslim Medical Bureau(UMMB), the medical arm of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) held at Fairway Hotel in Kampala.

"UMSC management appreciates the UMMB secretariat under Dr. Said Karama for the tremendous efforts executed towards health programs in the designated project areas. We also thank the developmental partners who include Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention among others," Rugasa remarked.

Muhammad Ali Aluma, the UMSC Secretary for Social Services called upon participants including the regional Kadhis to cooperate with all people on the common issues such as health, education and provision of safe water without any discrimination.

He also asked them to sensitise the population against all forms of violence like gender, child abuse and encourage people living with HIV to adhere to their treatment.




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