UBL relishes promotion of positive drinking habits


Beer company, Uganda Breweries Limited says it is happy to have contributed to the promotion of positive drinking in society.

In 2019, the beer company under its Red Card Initiative, launched  a positive drinking campaign aimed at encouraging responsible alcohol consumption through sharing tips on controlled drinking and highlighting the benefits of responsible drinking.

“Enjoying alcohol is part of life in many societies around the world. It is a part of how people socialize, whether they are celebrating life’s big achievements, catching up with friends or enjoying a football game. However just like other products, when misused, alcohol can lead to individual and social harm. At UBL, we would like to see consumers of our products make responsible drinking a valued and enjoyable part of life. The positive drinking campaign informs and empowers people to enjoy our products in a moderate and responsible way,” said UBL Managing Director, Alvin Mbugua during the launch.

Under the positive drinking campaign, the company aimed at reminding and motivating alcohol consumers to be their own referees by exercising control but also enforce personal rules while drinking as well as enforcing a no drinking policy for underage persons and prevention of drink driving.

However, according to the East African Breweries Limited sustainability report, the company has reached out to thousands of beneficiaries including drivers of public service vehicles, taxi riders ,bodaboda riders, pedestrians and college students among others who have benefitted from the program.

"We surpassed our annual targets for promoting positive drinking in the region, providing much needed education and knowledge to cover 16 million people," EABL, the mother company for Uganda Breweries Limited said in its sustainability report.

In Uganda, UBL has reached out to 2 ,2 4 5 people as part of the program targeting specifically underage drinking in the past one year.

“UBL’s drinkiq quiz competitions have reached 3 ,1 3 6 in Uganda whereas 347 drinkiq site visits have been made.In total , our positive drinking campaign has reached nine million people in Uganda in the last one years,” the report adds.

The company however says it will continue with its program to promote a more positive role for alcohol in society and making responsible drinking , a valued and enjoyable part of life.

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