International schools allowed to re-open for finalists to sit exams


The Ministry of Education and Sports has given the green light to international schools to re-open for finalists to sit exams.

In a press conference held on Thursday at the Uganda Media Centre, the education ministry spokesperson Dennis Mugimba said that this was approved August 30, 2021, for examinations.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports only granted candidate classes in international schools to be in school to sit for their exams,” Mugumba said.

Muhimba made the explanation while explaining why other schools will remain closed.

Schools in Uganda were closed in June, following the onset of the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, government held consultative meetings with different stakeholders to come up with a plan on how schools can reopen safely.

Although it was suggested in the meeting that schools should reopen in a staggering manner, starting this month, the Education Ministry now says that it is only President Museveni who can reopen schools.

“It is only President Museveni that can announce when to open, we can not announce on when schools should start,” Mugimba said on Thursday.

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