Phaneroo to hold this year’s women conference virtually

Phaneroo Ministries International led by Apostle Grace Lubega has announced that it will hold this year’s annual women conference on October 23.

Dubbed “ My Great Price”,  the this year’s  edition of the annual women’s conference will be held virtually to control the spread of Coronavirus but also to adhere to Ministry of Health guidelines banning gatherings of more than 20 people.

“Owing to current government-imposed restrictions on public and religious gatherings, this year’s event shall be live streamed on all the ministry platforms: YouTube, Phaneroo radio and Facebook,”Phaneroo said in a statement.

They also said that they will do live streams for audiences in other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, China, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States that have confirmed participation  with live steam venues set up.

“To enhance engagement with and experience of the audience, live stream venues shall transmit live video feeds from their respective gatherings to the studio in Kampala.”

According to Phaneroo, the event will  together women of all ages, races, and walks of life for a one-day mix of fun and inspirational teaching on various topics pertinent to the female gender such as marriage, career, grooming and ministry.

“While the topics covered at each event have often varied from edition to edition, its purpose has remained unchanged: to raise a generation of women hungry for God, fervent in faith, demonstrative in the things of God, and substantially equipped to make a tangible difference in their homes, community and society as role models and sources of inspiration,”Phaneroo said.

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