Taliban leader congratulates fighters in airport address

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Tariq Ghazniwal, who runs a Taliban propaganda website, has been posting clips of the militant group's leaders at Kabul airport. In one of them, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid is seen addressing a group of fighters in full combat gear.

He is seen thanking them for their efforts and congratulating them for "gaining independence".

"We are proud of your sacrifices. This is because of the hardships you and our leaders suffered. It is because of (our leaders') honesty and patience that we are independent today," he said.

"So I congratulate you and the Afghan nation. Our wish is that our country will never be invaded again. We want peace, prosperity and a true Islamic system."

He also urged the Taliban fighters to "be gentle" with the Afghan people.

"I would also like to ask you to be careful in how you deal with your people. This nation has suffered a lot. The Afghan people deserve to be treated with love and sympathy. So, be gentle to them. We are their servants. We have not imposed ourselves on them."

This translation was provided by our colleagues at BBC Pashto.


Source: BBC 

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