Emyooga program is on the right track, says Museveni


President Museveni has dismissed claims that the Emyooga presidential initiative on wealth and job creation has failed to take off

Addressing the country on Saturday evening, the president said the program was introduced to benefit people in the artisan world who had not benefitted from Operation Wealth Creation and NAADs that mainly targeted those dealing in agriculture.

I have been seeing people say all sorts of things. Some people have been saying that it has not had impact but it(Emyooga) has registered commendable progress,”Museveni said.

Giving details of the implementation of the program, the president said government injected shs260 billion as seed capital, noting that by July 2021, shs2013 billion had been dispersed representing over 81% of the planned disbursement.

He also noted that by June a total of shs27 billion had been saved by saccos all over the country.

“This is impressive and gives signals program will continue in the future. Emyooga is a very good idea. It will work since it creates a residential bank for these people. I have been told of a few cases of indiscipline but asked minister to deal with them.”

The president asked leaders to support the program.

Museveni’s comments come on the backdrop of findings by the parliamentary Covid task force that said there were glaring discrepancies in the expenditure of Emyooga funds.

The deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has since asked legislators to investigate the implementation of the program in their constituencies.

About Emyooga

The Emyooga initiative that started last year targets Ugandans especially in the informal sector who come together in form of Saccos under 18 clusters including Boda boda riders, taxi drivers, restaurants, welders, market vendors, women entrepreneurs, youth leaders, people with disabilities, journalists, performing artists, veterans, fishermen, and elected leaders.

Each of the Saccos receives shs30 million as seed capital, save for the private teachers and leaders that each receives shs60 million and 50 million respectively.

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