Suspects should never be beaten, tortured- says Museveni as he warns security agencies on human rights

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President Museveni has warned security agencies against disrespecting the human rights of Ugandans and other people in the country.

Addressing the public about the security status of the country, the president said the NRM doesn’t believe in beating people for any reason.

“Nobody should be in the uniform of the army when they don't respect the people of Uganda. When you're in the army don't bark at people, don't beat people or even criminals. Don't beat children. Nobody should beat any Ugandan. Human rights of the people of Uganda were one of main reasons why NRM went to bush and fought for all those years,”Museveni said on Saturday evening.

“Every soldier and policeman listening to me and any Ugandan should know that is the position of the NRA and Constitution of Uganda. No one should be in the uniform of the army if you can’t respect the people of Uganda. Don’t bark at people. That is not a people’s army. Don’t beat members of the public or even criminals. You are not allowed to beat anyone.”


The president also displayed footage captured by media in which the Gen Katumba shooting suspects told court that they had been tortured while in police custody.

President Museveni said this was wrong and unnecessary.

“Why do you beat a suspect? Is it because you are too lazy to interrogate him? Of course these are criminals. The police had done a wonderful job to very well get these people but why spoil it with this nonsense of beating. Even if suspects don’t admit guilt but investigators do their job well, criminals can get convicted,” Museveni said.

The president also warned security against beating members of the public while enforcing Covid Standard Operating Procedures saying it is unacceptable.

“It is totally unnecessary. Why do you beat people? Just chase them and they go."


The president also warned that it is not acceptable for security agencies to keep anyone for long hours without trial since it is against the provisions of the Constitution.

“Keeping people in jail for a long period without trial is also not allowed. The idea of safe custody is wrong. Jails are not stores for people. Deporting foreigners without trial should be stopped. Anybody should be handled legally because those loopholes can be used to abuse rights of people but also disadvantage the country.”

Reminding security agencies of the guidelines he issued in 2017 on respecting human rights and avoiding torturing of suspects, the president said these should be followed to the dot.

The latest statements have been described by experts as a deliberate effort by President Museveni to mend Uganda’s relations with the West, especially the European Union and the US government that have criticised government for not respecting human rights.

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