Why Kabaka Mutebi travelled to Germany

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has said the Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II travelled to Germany to inspect the activities of his foundation where he will also meet some of his subjects.

Photos of the Kabaka have circulated on social media showing him in Berlin, Germany where he was welcomed by some of his subjects.

Some people claimed he had been rushed to Germany after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Speaking to the media, Mayiga asked the public to disregard all the misleading information making rounds of social media regarding the health of the Kabaka.

"The king travelled to Germany on August 4th this month. The Kabaka is in charge of the kingdom even if he is not here. I am here with the other officials, so his orders continue to be implemented," he said.

Mayiga explained that the Kabaka was supposed to have travelled in the middle of July this year but the people running his foundation in Europe told the kingdom that the key foundation directors would be available in the middle of July.

“These are very key partners but then we had a coronation event at the end of July, so we advised them that the Kabaka would not travel until after the coronation anniversary. The Kabaka foundation consists of different branches in foreign countries including South Africa, USA among others," he noted.

He revealed that the kabaka will also spare time and visit medical experts in Germany for medical check-ups.

"As I have been telling you, the issues regarding the health of the Kabaka are being treated by specialised doctors. After getting this chance, his doctors referred us to some of the technical doctors in Germany and we are optimistic that he will be fine," he said.

He also noted that the recent meeting between President Museveni and the Kabaka in Nakasero has nothing to do with his travel to Germany.


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