Mother who gave to nine babies at once still in hospital, misses her home

Halima Cissé and her husband Abdelkader Arby have spoken to French broadcaster RFI in one of their first interviews since the birth of their nine babies in May.

Ms Cissé revealed they have named one of their sons Mohammed VI in tribute to the king of Morocco, having given birth in Casablanca where the babies continue to receive care in incubators.

"I miss my home country, my eldest daughter, my family and my friends," Ms Cissé told RFI from the hospital. "But only time will tell when we'll be able to return depending on how the children's health evolves."

Her doctor, Khalid Mseif, paid tribute to her courageous and calm manner, telling RFI that the babies are "very strong" having survived "complications of extreme prematurity". They are now said to be able to feed on their own and no longer need medication.

The smallest baby, Hawa, still needs oxygen and extra care while feeding.

"We're aware that this tale is beyond our control," Mr Arby says of the intense media interest since the births three months ago.

"I also want to thank everyone who helped and continues to help us."

Source: BBC 

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