Kadaga’s absence as Ministers took oath sparks theories

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The absence of 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga was a no show as several ministers took the oath of office yesterday at Kololo Independence Grounds.

While Kadaga was not indicated among those who missed the ceremony over COVID-19 related reasons, her camp has not come out to openly clear the air regarding her conspicuous absence.

At least 16 ministers were absent for the ceremony and these according to Government Chief whip Thomas Tayebwa, were either in isolation or had tested positive.

“I know a number of them, they have not tested positive but someone on their team has. Some it is their bodyguards or driver and this, of course, means they have to isolate,” Tayebwa said.

In the meantime, there was little mention of the glaring absence of the minister for East African Affairs Rebecca Kadaga whom the president time and again blasted especially while referring to the unsatisfactory business and corruption in the previous parliament.

“There has been a lot of corruption in parliament there, that is why I have sent Nabanjja, she is incorruptible,” Museveni bragged.

Museveni also indicated that the most important ministry this time is the East African Affairs as regional integration is a priority for the cabinet during this term of office.

Halfway through the ceremony, a member of Kadaga’s team intimated that the former speaker could have had a change of mind on her position.

“Madam Speaker will not attend the ceremony because she does not expect to be part of the cabinet,” the source at parliament claimed.

“She has changed her mind and will not take the oath,” the source added.

Nile Post could not verify the source’s claims, and the former speaker was called, but she could not reply.

A few moments later, however, a handler of the former speaker indicated that indeed, Kadaga was available at the venue but was denied access.

“The Honourable Minister was ready for the event and appeared in time, but her COVID-19 results were not yet released, so she was turned back by the Special Forces Command personnel. There is, however,  no need for alarm because she will be in office as designated,” the handler noted.

Nile Post can now authoritatively state that Kadaga has assumed office as the new minister for East African Affairs and 1st Deputy Prime Minister.

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