Opposition MPs must raise the quality of debate in parliament- LoP Mpuuga

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The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga has said that he is worried about the quality of debate by his fellow Members of Parliament in the opposition.

Mpuuga while speaking to media on Monday morning said he was not worried about the daunting task faced by opposition in parliament in regard to their numbers, but was more concerned with the fact that the quality of debate has dwindled.

“I am not worried about the numbers in Parliament, I am worried about the quality of debate. My invitation is for Opposition MPs to rise and make superior debates, then they will invite everyone to our side,” Mpuuga said

“Maybe the duty is on Opposition MPs to filter what they bring on the floor of Parliament, we have to debate relevant topics so that we can challenge the forest to react for posterity,” he added.

The newly appointed Leader of Opposition called for unity of opposition sides if they are to reach their agendas.

“As long as the Opposition is united, then I am confident that we can challenge this regime daunting around as a political party.”

He said that to be able to face off with this regime, the opposition have to swallow their ego, calm down and talk to each other.

“As NUP, we aren't looking for Patrons, we are looking for people who want to work with us,” he said.

Mpuuga’s comments come in light of a previous debate involving members of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change who accused their NUP counterparts of betrayal during the recently concluded parliament speakership race.

Members of FDC claimed that their NUP colleagues were bribed to support NRM candidates and derail the process at the expense of FDC’s failure.

Speaking following his failed speakership bid, Kira legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda lamented that the NUP would one time connive with NRM to support Museveni’s presidential bid just to annoy FDC.

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