I can die if anyone disturbs my wife- Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has said that he would die if anyone disturbed his wife Janet Museveni.

The president was speaking during women’s day celebrations at Busubbuzi Core Teachers Training College in Mityana District.

Museveni started by lashing out at men who batter their women, whom he labelled cowards and stupid.  He said for the many years he has been with Janet, he has not even laid a finger on her, be it to just push her.

“Those who beat women are stupid and cowards, if you want to fight look for a fellow man and sort your issues. But beating a woman then you put on a trouser makes you less of a man, I personally do not count you as one,” Museveni said amidst cheers.


“I have been with Janet for a very long time, but I have never even pushed her, if she annoys me, I walk away and go elsewhere because this country has so many square miles of land. Why would you beat Adam’s daughter?” Museveni posed.

The President then read a scripture from the bible calling for husbands to love their wives juts like Christ loved the church and gave his life for her.

“You see what St Paul is telling us to do? If you disturb my wife, I can even die,” Museveni concluded.

Last year, Dr Stella Nyanzi, a social media critique opened war won the first Lady Janet Museveni, lashing at her over lack of touch with reality and using ambiguous words to describe the first lady.



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