Museveni has an excuse for every problem, says Muntu

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leader, Gen Mugisha Muntu has said that everything problematic in Uganda seems to happen "behind" President Museveni's back.

Muntu's comment came shortly after Museveni was quoted saying that he was betrayed by his people who brought Umeme to Uganda.

Muntu said that for a long time, the country has been subjected to speech after speech by the president, in which he( Museveni) appears to not only distance himself from the things going wrong in the nation but also blames others for them.

"The police kidnappings, shootings or brutality is because of 'bad elements' in the opposition.Theft in government is caused by 'wrong elements' in government,"Muntu said in a statement, quoting the president.

Muntu said that even assassinations of high profile government officials are due to 'some individuals' in security forces.

He explained that if, as the president claims, all these issues are happening without his knowledge or consent, then he must admit that he has absolutely no control of government and that the state is in the hands of people other than himself.

He said Museveni cannot have it both ways adding that either the president is highly incompetent or totally culpable.

"ANT believes in leadership that takes full ownership of whatever happens under our watch. If things don't go as planned, we admit it, we ask why and we make the necessary changes to ensure it doesn't happen again,"he said.

He stated that they have done it in regard to the recently concluded elections adding that their leaders have done the same in their past and present positions.

"Ugandans can trust that with us, the buck stops at the top. We will be as accountable in government as we are out of it,"he said.

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