Government commits support to development of Namugongo Muslim Martyrs Mosque

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Government commits support to development of Namugongo Muslim Martyrs Mosque
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State Minister for Defense in charge of veteran affairs, Hajjat Oleru Huda, has emphasised the importance of familiarizing the current Muslim generation with the rich history of their predecessors, who faced cruel deaths due to their faith.

The remarks were made during special prayers held at Masjid Noor Martyrs Mosque in Namugongo.

Deputy Mufti Muhammad Ali Waiswa led the prayers on behalf of Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje.

Minister Oleru urged the UMSC leadership to effectively organize and provide essential information about the event in advance to facilitate government allocation of necessary funds, similar to the support provided to other religious groups. She pledged government support for the development of the Namugongo Muslim Martyrs Mosque.

Sheikh Zakiyyu Burhan Sserunjonji, the Kadhi of Nakawa Muslim District, delivered an engaging sermon.

He drew references from the Holy Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to explain the concept of martyrdom and shared the history of early native Muslims who tragically lost their lives during the reign of Monarch Mutesa I in 1876 in the Buganda Kingdom. Sheikh Sserunjonji emphasized the valuable lessons that the current Muslim generation can learn from these courageous predecessors.

Sheikh Waiswa expressed gratitude to both the government and the Namugongo Martyrs Mosque Construction Committee, led by Prof. Kateregga, for their outstanding efforts in advancing the development of the mosque site.

Prof. Kateregga shared his academic journey, recounting how he discovered a brief pamphlet about the forgotten history of Muslim martyrs in Uganda, authored by a white Christian missionary.

He highlighted the progress made since his appointment by the UMSC to oversee the development of the mosque site.

Hon. Arinda and Hon. Kagiiko Imam Shaffi, the UMSC Secretary in charge of Social Services, presented visionary ideas for the development of Muslim historical sites.

They announced that commemorative events for the Muslim martyrs would include tours of historical sites on Saturday, June 8, and the presentation of scholarly concept papers on June 10, 2024, at the UMSC Conference Hall.

The general public is invited to attend these events and explore Uganda's rich Muslim history.

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