Mubaje urges Uganda to take a stand on the Gaza-Israel war

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Mubaje urges Uganda to take a stand on the Gaza-Israel war
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The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, has called on the government to make its position known regarding the situation in Gaza.

He made these remarks while leading a large gathering of Muslim faithful at the National Mosque to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2024.

Mubaje expressed deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, as Israel continues its offensive in various areas despite efforts from Western allies to halt the fighting after six months of war.

The conflict has resulted in the deaths of at least 33,360 people and injuries to nearly 76,000 others in the besieged Palestinian territory since it began on October 7. Women and children comprise the majority of the casualties.

During his sermons, Mubaje called on people to pray for the suffering Muslims in Gaza and urged the Ugandan government to take a clear stance on the matter.

"We request our government to publicly declare its position on the situation and the status of our brothers and sisters who are enduring immense suffering. This conflict is not just between Palestinians and Israelis; it is an assault on humanity," he said.

Mubaje emphasised that when children, women, and the elderly are being massacred, it goes beyond being a mere war; it becomes an act of genocide.

He expressed sadness that many people around the world were unable to voice their concerns due to ongoing deadly wars and conflicts, which have resulted in bloodshed, destruction of property, and the displacement of civilians in countries like Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, and Ukraine, among others.

"The situation in Palestine is a humanitarian catastrophe. The mindless killings of innocent children, women, and the elderly, along with the bombing of health facilities, are beyond comprehension. It amounts to genocide against the Palestinian people," he said.

Mubaje also urged the people of Sudan to seek peaceful means to resolve their grievances instead of resorting to the use of force.

Furthermore, he implored other countries and governments to speak up and take a firm position on this critical matter.

In the same speech, he encouraged Muslims to maintain God-consciousness as they strive to perform righteous deeds.

He also expressed gratitude to the Judiciary for delivering a court ruling against a case filed by LGBT activists and urged Muslims to distance themselves from such practices.

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