Mulago Hospital discharges its  first Kidney transplant patient

Mulago Hospital discharges its  first Kidney transplant patient
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Mulago National Referral Hospital has discharged its first ever  kidney transplant recipient, 24-year-old Kiyemba Mark Maurice, marking a significant milestone in Uganda's medical history.

The successful surgery, performed just 16 days ago, saw Kiyemba receive a life-changing kidney from his brother, Steven Mpagi.

The air at Mulago National Referral Hospital was filled with jubilation and a sense of accomplishment as Kiyemba Mark became the country's first recorded kidney transplant recipient.

The medical team, who orchestrated this feat basked  in the success of a surgery that signifies a leap forward in Uganda's healthcare capabilities.

Kiyemba's journey to recovery is not only a personal triumph but a historic moment for Uganda, placing the nation on the map for specialized medical procedures.

His battle with a high-end chronic kidney complication has now become a beacon of hope for others grappling with renal health issues.

Reflecting on the significance of this achievement, medical experts emphasize that the success of Uganda's first kidney transplant sets a precedent for specialized surgeries within the country's healthcare system.

This milestone positions Uganda alongside other East African countries as a hub for advanced medical interventions.

As the nation commemorates its independence, the success of this surgery symbolizes more than just medical progress; it signifies a stride towards self-sufficiency in providing critical healthcare services to its citizens.

Highlighting the prevalence of renal health issues in Uganda, a 2022 report titled 'Global Dialysis Perspective' published in Kidney360 reveals that Chronic Kidney Disease affects two to seven percent of the population and up to 15 percent among patients with HIV or hypertension.

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