PACEID and DIT empower Mukono with 4675 skilled graduates for industrial development

PACEID and DIT empower Mukono with 4675 skilled graduates for industrial development
Odrek Rwabwogo receives a painting from the graduands

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) collaborated with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) to graduate 4675 students in Mukono.

The six-month competency certificate training program covered diverse fields and was held under the theme 'Skilling for Industrial Development: Promoting Employable Skills.'

The graduation ceremony, officiated by PACEID Chairman Odrek Rwabwogo, took place at Mukono Boarding Primary School in Mukono Municipality on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

The program's goal is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to promote industrial development and increase exports.

Students received certification in various fields, including electrical engineering, piggery, bricklaying, coffee farming, poultry farming, tailoring, rabbit husbandry, photography, soap making, arts and crafts designing, carpentry, motorcycle maintenance, and styling, among others.

The comprehensive curriculum, based on a modular competency framework, encompassed both theoretical and practical aspects.

Rwabwogo commended the graduates, emphasizing that their acquired skills mark a significant milestone towards self-reliance and professional growth.

He encouraged them to view learning as a lifelong process and highlighted the government's commitment to fostering a skilled workforce capable of driving industrial growth through the collaboration between PACEID and DIT.

"We cannot attract investments, and factories into the country if we don’t have qualified labour," noted Rwabwogo.

"When DIT looks at the work of exports and ties it to industry and trains and certifies people in a short time on basic skills, these are basics but they are a very good start," Rwabwogo added

Rwabwogo acknowledged the challenges in training all the required skills in a short time and emphasized the value of practical skills in meeting industry demands.

He also expressed gratitude to DIT and Dr. Patrick Byakatonda for their collaborative efforts.

Dr. Byakatonda, Director of the Directorate of Industrial Training, congratulated the graduates and highlighted the need for continuous learning in the evolving industrial landscape.

He commended the trainers and instructors for their dedication to imparting knowledge and expertise.

Pastor Samuel Lwandasa, the chief mobilizer for the training program in greater Mukono, underlined the initiative's positive impact on beneficiaries and the community, applauding Rwabwogo and the PACEID team for their efforts in reducing poverty through skills development.

The collaboration between PACEID and DIT stands as a testament to the commitment to empowering individuals with practical skills, creating a workforce capable of driving industrial growth and contributing to the nation's overall development.

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