Mukono Traders Call for Increased Community Sensitization from Uganda Revenue Authority

In a recent gathering organized by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in Mukono, members of the local business community voiced their concerns and frustrations regarding the taxation policies and practices imposed by the URA.

The Tax Baraza event became a platform for traders to express their grievances and hopes for a more transparent and supportive taxation system.

One of the primary issues raised by the traders was the taxation of counterfeit goods, which they claimed was not adequately monitored by the URA. The traders argued that they were unfairly taxed on fake products, leading to financial burdens and unjustified expenses.

They expressed dissatisfaction with the interns sent by the URA to assess their businesses, stating that these interns often failed to accurately evaluate their operations, resulting in over-taxation.

Additionally, the traders complained about receiving text messages demanding substantial sums of money for various unfamiliar taxes. These messages leave them perplexed and concerned about the lack of clear communication regarding these tax obligations.

They called for increased community sensitization efforts to educate them about the new taxes and their implications.

Byakatonda Gerald, the regional coordinator of the Uganda Small-Scale Industries Association, emphasized the need to bridge the information gap between the URA and the business community.

He called for improved communication and understanding to address these taxation challenges.

Ibrahim Bbosa, the URA's spokesperson, acknowledged the information gap and assured the traders that the URA would work towards improving their communication and collaboration with the business community.

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze, expressed her concerns over the government's failure to provide tax incentives for local investors.

She stressed the importance of supporting local businesses by offering them tax breaks and other incentives to bolster their growth.

Furthermore, Nambooze urged the URA to shift its focus away from taxing imported counterfeit products and instead collaborate with entities like the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to combat the influx of counterfeit goods in the market.

The Tax Baraza event served as a platform for dialogue between the business community and the URA, with the hope that these discussions would lead to more transparent and fair taxation practices, as well as increased support for local businesses.

The URA's commitment to addressing these concerns was highlighted by Ibrahim Bbosa, offering a glimmer of hope for Mukono's frustrated traders.

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