Minister Kasolo rallies Bukomansimbi to back Muhoozi

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Minister Kasolo rallies Bukomansimbi to back Muhoozi
Min.Kasolo speaking at the PLU function in Bukomansimbi

The revelation by Gen Museveni's own minister cum Museveni's son's backer will not shock many given that the apparent schism within the four-decades of NRM stronghold in power has appeared well planned.

BUKOMANSIMBI | Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party will join hands with the Opposition to demand President Museveni step down.

The revelation by Gen Museveni's own minister cum Museveni's son's backer will not shock many given that the apparent schism within the four-decades of NRM stronghold in power has appeared well planned.

But it is still telling.

"Gen Museveni has led us well that’s why even the Opposition are only accusing him of taking too long in leadership," Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo said, "and very soon we will join them to ask him to step down because it is the wish of people."

Kasolo is the State minister for Microfinance but also doubles as a leader of First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba's political group, the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU), in Greater Masaka.

Kasolo (centre) and Museveni's younger brother Toyota arrive for the event.


Speaking in Bukomansimbi, he urged the populace of Masaka to converge on March 15 to welcome Gen Muhoozi and accept him as their new leader.

This unprecedented move signals a fracture within the NRM ranks and underscores growing discontent within the ruling party.

Minister Kasolo's apparent change of loyalty underscores deep-rooted dissatisfaction with President Museveni's extended rule, despite his track record of governance accomplishments.

It highlights simmering tensions and disillusionment within the party's leadership, culminating in Kasolo's bold declaration to seek an alternative leadership path.

Observers led by Alex Ssekigudde, a political analyst in Bukomansimbi, speculate that Kasolo's defection could catalyse a broader realignment of political forces in Uganda, as disillusioned members of the NRM and opposition factions may find common ground in demanding a change of leadership.

This unexpected twist injects uncertainty into Uganda's political future and sets the stage for a potential showdown between entrenched power structures and a burgeoning movement for change.

Toyota (left) and Kasolo in Bukomansimbi on Saturday.

All eyes turn to Masaka, where Gen Muhoozi's impending visit promises to be a pivotal moment in Uganda's political future.

In the midst of this political turmoil, Uganda stands at a crossroads, grappling with the complexities of democracy, governance, and the aspirations of its people.

Kasolo's bold stance has ignited a spark of dissent that threatens to engulf the status quo, leaving the future of Uganda hanging in the balance.

Minister Kasolo praised the NRM leadership in 40 years, which has left untold freedom among Ugandans, saying that even the opposition’s accusations against president Museveni of poor leadership of the country are not true.

Kasolo also lashed out at the leaders who are involved in the practice of insulting their country Uganda and urged Ugandans to pierce such leaders.

"Uganda will never be Kenya, it will remain Uganda, why are you insulting your country?" Kasolo said.

"Let us all make our children love their nation as childish as they are pierce such leaders who demolish our country."

Kasolo is not the first official within the ruling party or Museveni's Cabinet to openly show allegiance to Muhoozi. During the launch of PLU earlier this month, the NRM vice chairman for eastern region and former minister, Mike Mukula, was the chief guest and used the ocassion to rally support for Muhoozi's 2026 ambitions.

A section of the party led by Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, a bush war historical, maintain Gen Museveni, 79, is still the man to march their party forward.

On Friday, members of the NRM's top decision-making organ, the Central Executive Committee, deferred the decision on the party leadership and instead asked Museveni to make the decision on whether it is him or his son coming for 2026 vote.

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