Health Ministry to investigate Moroto Hospital over failed cesarean births

Health Ministry to investigate Moroto Hospital over failed cesarean births
Moroto Hospital

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr.Diana Atwine  has announced a comprehensive investigation into the increasing number of failed cesarean births at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital.

The decision comes in the wake of public outcry following the tragic death of Sarah Nadiye, a mother who underwent a C-section at the hospital.

Sarah Nadiye's death ignited anger and accusations of negligence and unprofessionalism against the medical staff at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital.

"The doctors at Moroto hospital are unprofessional and always ignore patients, the reason many patients no longer go to that hospital,"  Sagal Herbert, a resident of Moroto said

Relatedly, Adong Madina says Sarah could not have died. She says the doctors available at the time seem not to understand the procedure.

Following the burial of Sarah Nadiye, regional leaders called on the Ministry of Health to intervene and investigate the hospital's operations.

The Chairman of Kotido, Komol Paul Lotee, expressed grief over the loss and reported cases of negligence, urging the Ministry of Health to conduct a thorough inquiry.

"As regional leaders, we have already called on the Ministry of Health to investigate the matter. We have also reached out to parliament to probe the case,"Lotee  told Nile Post.

During a meeting organized by Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, Dr. Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, e assured that an independent inquiry team would be sent to conduct a confidential investigation. She emphasized that appropriate action would be taken based on the findings of the report.

"The ministry will send an independent inquiry team to conduct the confidential inquiry. It will be upon that report that we will take action. If the fault is on our side, be sure we will take appropriate action," Atwine said.

The MP for Moroto Municipality, Adome Francis Lorika, called for urgent measures to restore trust in the hospital, which has faced a loss of credibility in the community.

"Fifteen years ago when the hospital was being launched, there was excitement, but now the community has lost trust in it. We need an urgent move to clean the image of the hospital and restore trust," Lorika urged stakeholders.

The death of Sarah Nadiye follows a similar incident where another mother referred by Tokora Health Centre IV following a C-section died at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, further intensifying the demand for a comprehensive investigation and reforms at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital.

The hospital's director, Dr. Steven Pande, revealed that several medics have requested transfers due to threats from residents, and this is likely to create a potential gap in service delivery.

"Five medics have already asked for transfer, while another one is asking to go for a study leave. This will create a gap,"  Pande said.

Dr. Diana Atwine highlighted the common trend of threatening medics in Karamoja, particularly at Moroto Hospital, calling on security and district leaders to address the situation and ensure the safety of medical personnel.

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