Another mother dies after C-Section at Moroto Hospital

Another mother dies after C-Section at Moroto Hospital
Sarah Nadiye died due to complications after a C-section.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, another mother has lost her life after undergoing a C-section at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital.

Sarah Nadiye, a businesswoman known for her calm demeanor and friendly nature, passed away at Mulago National Referral Hospital after being referred from Moroto Regional Hospital, where the ill-fated operation took place.

Nadiye's ordeal began on Saturday, January 20, 2024, when she was admitted to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital due to labor pains.

The following day, as labor persisted and complications arose, medical professionals at the hospital opted for a C-section to ensure a safe delivery.

While the procedure successfully brought the baby into the world, unforeseen complications arose, casting a shadow over what should have been a joyous occasion.

According to  sources, after surgery Sarah suffered haemorrhage and a cardiac arrest but she was resuscitated.

Subsequently, she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as her condition continued to deteriorate.

In a desperate attempt to provide her with the best possible care, a decision was made to transfer her to Mulago National Referral Hospital on January 22, 2024.

Despite the efforts of the medical team, Nadiye died on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

This tragic incident follows closely on the heels of the death of another mother, Longole Esther, who also lost her life after being transferred to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital following a C-section  at Tokora Health Center IV in Nakapiripirit district.

The recurrent theme of these failed C-sections has raised alarm among the public, with some attributing these incidents to alleged negligence on the part of medical personnel.

Muya James Jemo, who experienced a similar traumatic incident with his wife at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital in November 2023, recounted a distressing event.

He expressed concern about the delay in attending to his wife, the subsequent unsupervised C-section carried out by newly deployed medical interns, and the complications that followed.

"We waited for nearly two hours after my wife failed to deliver normally before my wife was taken to the theater for C-section. Three days later, she developed complications, and we took her back for correction surgeries, and she was bedridden for a month. I later found out that the failed C-section  was carried out by newly deployed medical interns who operated on my wife unsupervised,"  Jemo told Nile Post

Call for investigation

The string of unfortunate events has sparked outrage among Moroto residents and leaders.

Moroto Mayor, Ismael Mohamed, pledged a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the latest death.

“We will take appropriate action against proven negligence or unprofessional conduct by the medical team at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital,” Mohamed said.

The Moroto Regional Referral Hospital management has remained tight-lipped on the matter and promising to make official statement on a later date.

As grief casts a somber atmosphere over Moroto, residents and well-wishers continue to pour out their condolences and mourn the untimely passing of Sarah Nadiye, with may people questioning and seeking accountability for the loss of yet another precious life.

The body of Nadiye Sarah arrived on Saturday morning at her ancestral home Kangole, Napak district ahead of burial .

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