What are you doing on top?

What are you doing on top?
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2024 must be the year we learn more about sex and while at it, have enough. People are stressed about so many things. Sex is the one therapy. Give your person some, just for just.

Sex positions differ depending on how someone feels about you. Forget love. Sexual tension is where everything starts and ends. Nothing beats getting in between the legs of a person you have been praying to get. Nothing beats being on top of someone you have wanted for so long.

The first round doesn't count. Everything is just amazing and within a minute or less, it is done. So don't ever judge anyone by their first round. That's why for people without a gag reflex, the first round should be a dose of detox. IYKYK!

If you get on top of a woman, this is the most intimate position you will ever be in. She can feel every bit of you. Depending on how good you are, she should be able to enjoy every stroke. Missionary style has evolved over the years and if you can't keggle inside her, you are in the amateur league.

Move your waist to make sure you hit every wall. Talk to her to make sure she knows exactly how it feels living inside her. Kiss her neck, hold her tight, and feel every drop as it comes through her.

There is a reason why it gets a different name when a woman gets on top. It is time for action! As a woman, what you do when you are on top of him is what she will remember when you are apart. Make it count.

If you doing kegels is about getting tight, then you are still playing in the amateur league. Much as being tight matters (a lot) doing a Kegel when he is inside you gives him an experience that gets him hard every time he thinks about it.

Being on top is not about how much you can wiggle your waist as a woman. It only matters when you know what to do with your choockie while you wiggle. Stop humping. Leave that for men.

Before you position yourself on top of him, make sure his tyres are safely out of the way. Don't sit on them or hit them while you bounce along. They hurt.

If you can't show him how you are dripping all over his machine gun, why are you on top in the first place? Sex is nasty, hold his ‘head’ and let the juices drip down his veins. Show him how he makes you feel. Give him something to remember.

Make him moan with what you do with your choockie muscles. It takes time to be that good, but that is what 2024 is all about.

Till next time, let's get it on!

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