Give the wives some side dish sex

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Wives, huh?! What a concept! He who finds a good wife finds a good thing and favor in the Lord. Amen? Wives deserve more sexually.

Young women are attracted to people’s husbands, not only because of the comfort that comes with it but also the amount of sexual experience they have. Married men are good in bed.

Married men love to experiment. They want to try new things. The things married men do with their side dishes would shock the wives.

Those men are out here inventing all types of sex styles and unfortunately, wives are not getting a piece of it.

Married men are out here folding side dishes like dirty jeans. Husbands are laying side dishes with sex styles the wives can't pronounce. They will show some next-level skills behind those closed hotel rooms.

Side dishes won't let go because of how good the sex gets. Stolen moments make both parties think they are in love. They confuse matters of the legs with matters of the heart.

Some wives would be getting some of this fun but they will always spoil a good time with questions. “So who have you been trying this with?! How did you learn how to do this?” The question should be, can I get more of this?

If the sex is good, why are you spoiling it by trying to be an FBI agent? Why are you asking questions? Get in there and enjoy the sex. Have fun and focus on being a good mother.

Sex in marriage gets boring and some people go weeks without getting some but when you get a chance, deliver that side dish sex. Give her a reason to open her legs more.

Bad sex is not part of the for better for worse vow. It needs to be highlighted that when the sex becomes basic, people are allowed to seek outside assistance.

And this goes both ways. Women must allow being folded. That laying back and expecting the husband to figure it out won't work anymore. As a wife, you must allow being explored.

Sex is a two-way thing. Both parties must deliver. If he is giving you head, it is your duty to give it back. Everyone has a gag reflect it is not just you as a wife.

So if the side dishes are delivering on that, keep it going by doing the same at home and you will see how this world will be a better place.

Good sex makes marriage happier and healthier. No one has time to quarrel when they are sexually satisfied. What is there to quarrel about when the private parts are singing kumbaya?

Husbands must initiate good sex and wives must learn to shut up and receive. Let's make this world a better place.

Till next time, try that 69 with your wife.

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