Get a quiet lover, you won't regret!

Hear me out! Nerds are mostly reserved human beings. They mind their business and go about their days studying this and that. They read too much and in that brain, there is a sex switch waiting for someone to turn it on.

Most quiet beings are nerds. Most, not all. Some are quiet because they actually don't have a thing to contribute to the world. But if you land on one that is quiet and smart, smash. They offer some of the best leg.

People who love to read expose their brains to things outside the normal and this also applies to sex. They read a lot of material and can't wait to sample it with someone.

A quiet man will process all the sex styles he wants to deliver in a session. They don't talk much but their actions deliver orgasms. And that right there is every woman’s dream cum true.

The thing about sex with a quiet being is that the action will be amazing but they won't talk to you as much as you would want them to. But this you can deal with.

Being with a quiet person gets boring eventually in terms of conversation. You need someone to tell you how deep they feel you. You need someone to tell you how those walls are holding him together. You need someone to let you know when it is about to go down.

In case you find yourself riding a quiet person get them to talk to you. Drop in questions here and there. Talk to them. Play some music to keep your brain company and feed off all that matter they have been gathering about sex.

When a quiet person is turned on, they go mad. They want to explore your body with attention. What they don't offer in words, they relay with their tongue on your body. You get an action-packed sex session.

Actions speak louder than words. The only problem is getting the quiet one into that space. A space where they don't question everything they are about to do. Because of their nature, they will want a good reason to lay you.

Then comes the loud ones. Barking dogs seldom bite. They will describe what they want to do to you in words but delivery will be lacking. The talk is amazing but the action is amateur.

Loud people have mastered a few things that they want to try out on everybody. They master them because they talk about them a lot. They will fold you from the first day you meet and every day of that gig.

With the loud ones, their comfort is in words so they don't think much outside the box. If it started in bed, it will forever be that way for as long as they can talk their way around it.

The loud ones are good because they will tell you how they feel. And when they are quiet, you will know that something is wrong. They might never tell you how they want it but will tell you when it is going right.

Loud beings are not as easy to bang by the way. They will talk themselves out of any situation if they don't want it to happen but even when they give in, they have more to say and less to offer in action. They eventually bore you.

So if you want to explore more, to have a few places on your body touched in ways you have never known, get yourself a nice quiet person and they will leave you will so many questions and memories.

They will use their mouth to explore every part of you but will not talk to you before, during, or after all of it. This pisses off many people because you will never know what this person is thinking about.

With loud people, you will know everything. The conversation will be great. But know that they master a few strokes and rarely explore. They are afraid of what's on the other side.

Till next time, fuuna Church girl osilike.

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