I used to sell pancakes, says Tayebwa

I used to sell pancakes, says Tayebwa
Deputy Speaker ThomasTTayebwa says he had a humble childhood

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa has opened up on his humble formative years by telling Members of Parliament that he used to sale pancakes for income.

Mr Tayebwa said he ventured into the local bakery business of pancakes, popularly known as Kabalagala across the country, from Primary Four in one of the schools in western Uganda.

During the Thursday plenary session, Tayebwa surprised the August House when he introduced a special guest in the VIP chambers - his kabalagala business mentor James Bebazo.

Tayebwa told the session that Mr Bebazo appointed me as a salesman to his pancakes which were wrapped in banana leaves.

"I used to sale pancakes during break time and during close of school in the evening and would make accountability the next day," he said.

Tayebwa told drew laughter from Parliament when he narrated that he was not getting 'hard cash' but pancakes in return and could share with his friends.

"My commission was in form of pancakes, every 10 pancakes I sold, I would get one, which I would eat right away with my close friends," he said.

Tayebwa joins a list of influential leaders in the region like Kenyan President William Ruto who sold chicken during his childhood in the rift valley of Kalenjin.

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