Dont sign censure motion-NRM MPs told

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Dont sign censure motion-NRM MPs told
Mathias Mpuuga and the commissioners are back in hot soup

The NRM Caucus Vice spokesperson Herbert Kinobere, has issued a directive urging all party MPs not to append their signatures on the censure motion against the commissioners.

He said the MPs should wait until they receive guidance from their party chairman, President Museveni.

During a press conference at Parliament, Kinobere stated that NRM MPs who have already signed the motion seeking to censure the Commissioners over the alleged misappropriation of the Shs1.7 billion service award may be asked to withdraw their signatures once they receive guidance from President Museveni.

"I previously advised members to wait for the guidance of my boss, who is the Government Chief Whip, Hamson Obua. He also instructed that no member of the NRM caucus should sign the censure forms until we obtain guidance from the national chairman, President Museveni," he explained.

However, it has been reported that some MPs have already signed the motion.

Kinobere mentioned that during their caucus meeting, they would request those MPs to withdraw their signatures since the NRM Party always comes up with a unified position and stands by it.

When questioned about the NRM's silence regarding allegations of corruption and wasteful expenditure in Parliament, Kinobere stated that the party is aware of the situation but needs time to investigate the allegations.

"We haven't been silent about this issue. Whenever something arises, we don't rush to judgment. We need to investigate and determine the source and cause. As a party, we have been aware of it, and we knew we would find the best way to handle it. Despite pressure from our colleagues, including Theodore Ssekikubo and his team, who are part of our party, they will have to attend the caucus and provide an explanation for their actions," Kinobere added.

Theodore Ssekikubo, the MP for Lwemiyaga County, who is leading the move to censure the four backbench commissioners of Parliament, recently revealed that over 120 lawmakers have already signed the censure motion papers.

The commissioners are accused of abuse of office and misconduct for allegedly distributing 1.7 billion shillings among themselves as a service award.

Ssekikubo expressed hope that the required 177 signatures to table and debate the censure motion in Parliament would be collected.

Ssekikubo also urged Speaker Anita Among not to interfere with the process, stating that the motion has nothing to do with her.

During a media briefing at Parliament, the proponents of the motion clarified that the audit trail is focused on the four commissioners of Parliament, not the Speaker, as alleged by the affected commissioners.

They called on MPs not to be intimidated by attempts to discourage them from signing the censure motion, but to remain steadfast and address the issue of corruption that is undermining the integrity of the 11th Parliament.

Among the MPs who have already signed the motion are Agnes Taaka, the Woman MP for Bugiri, Jinja South West MP Dr. Timothy Baluwa, Dr. Nicholas Kamara of Kabale Municipality, Gilbert Olanya of Kilak South, and Burahya County MP Kasaija Stephen, among others.

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