Works on Masaka-Kyotera-Mutukula road kick off

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Works on Masaka-Kyotera-Mutukula road kick off
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Works on the 89.5km Masaka-Kyotera-Mutukula road which is riddled with potholes have kicked off .

The Masaka-Mutukula road is a vital transportation artery connecting Uganda to Tanzania.

The ground-breaking ceremony, attended by government officials, community leaders, and representatives from UNRA, marked the beginning of a comprehensive effort to revitalize the road infrastructure.

Speaking at the event, Minister for works and transport Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, emphasized the significance of the project in fostering regional connectivity and economic development.

"The Masaka-Mutukula road serves as a vital link between Uganda and Tanzania, facilitating trade and transportation activities essential for the growth of both nations.With this reconstruction project, the government aims to enhance road safety by installing street lights, reducing travel times, and promoting smoother traffic flow along this critical corridor," Gen Katumba said.

The reconstruction endeavour encompasses various aspects, including widening the road, improving drainage systems, and enhancing pavement quality to withstand heavy traffic loads.

Additionally, provisions are being made to accommodate pedestrian pathways and cycling lanes, ensuring the safety and convenience of all road users.

Gen  Katumba Wamala however said no one will be compensated during the construction.

“We are not going to pay because our road reserve is already there. So, if you trespassed in the road reserve, it is not our fault.”

Locals and businesses have expressed optimism about the project, anticipating its positive impact on their daily lives and economic prospects.

Joseph Kasirye, a transport operator plying the Masaka-Mutukula route, shared his expectations regarding the road's transformation.

"This reconstruction is long overdue. We have endured bumpy rides and frequent delays for far too long. A well-maintained road will not only save us time and money but also attract more trade opportunities, benefiting our communities."

Irene Lugumya a resident of Kyotera said, pregnant mothers have been losing their lives due potholes which bring a delay on the way.

“Last month I lost my aunt. She was pregnant and heading to Kalisizo hospital while having labor pain but unfortunately, she did not reach due to the potholes."

Prime minister Robina Nabbanja  said the road would increase trade between Uganda and Tanzania and ordered the contractor ,Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) to focus on making it a better road.

Nabbanja urged greater Masaka residents to use the road to increase their household income.

Leaders in this area led by Kimanya Kabonera legislator Dr. Abed Bwanika and Kyotera county member of parliament John Paul Lukwago Mpalanyi  appealed to UNRA and the contractor to give job opportunities to the residents of the area.

Masaka City Woman Member of Parliament Juliet Kakande warned girls to stay away from men who are going to work in this project.

UNRA has outlined a comprehensive timeline for the reconstruction project which is going to cost Shs.629. 8 billion with completion expected within the next three and a half years.


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