How to find love before 2018

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Setting New Year’s goals is one of those rituals that we have adopted as a society. While most of those are financial and career oriented, the heart is usually top of the list for singles, divorcees and unhappy souls. If you’re one of those with a plan to get married or find love before the end of 2017, you have already received several reminders in form of whatsApp jokes or social media memes but don’t lose hope. There’s still some time to make it happen, possibly before Christmas

Don't take "No" for an answer

Can you believe that as a child you heard the word No about 40,000 times?! Yes according to research but here you are, still alive and kicking. It didn’t kill you. If you’re head over heels for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, the worst they can do is say NO! It shouldn’t stop you from trying the next person because behind every No is a big Yes coming. Just keep trying not just the next prospect but even the same person who rejected you before especially if you are a guy. Most ladies are trained to say No the first and second time but the yes is hiding inside somewhere… press a little harder and you will have it.

Take care of your self

Inside beauty is very important and no doubt, great character wins but no one sees through your great heart at first encounter. This is where being physically appealing comes in handy. That’s just how the world is. We all like physically appealing things, a good looking man or woman that smells good and seems confident.

Hang out

Familiarity breeds contempt they say, unless you want to end up with your house help or gateman, you need to step out. Leave home and go sit out at the kind of places you would like to meet your future partner. Is it in church, a classy restaurant or at work? When you have the answer to that question, you will decide where you want to spend most of your dormant hours of the day at.

Express your self

The distance between you and everything you want is communication. You must learn to express yourself in a way that suggests you are available to date but without sounding offensive or desperate. Most people in the friend zone ended up there because they were not straight only to find out years later that if they had spoken up, the feeling was mutual. To avoid a life of regrets, do the needful.


Two people reading these tips in a similar situation will have different results. One will succeed in achieving that desired goal of a changed relationship status from single on facebook and the other wont. It doesn’t mean they are weak or fake for failing to find love in the same period; it’s just that life plays out differently for everyone. The only difference is TIME, it can’t be ignored. It might happen faster for others on a similar journey and not for you but so what? Life goes on, hang in there. As long as you are willing to stay the course, love will find you.


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