Role of sex and Money in a relationship

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Like it or not, these two go hand in hand in most relationships and without them 1% have lasted while 99% gone to shambles.

In a relationshipsex is associated with stability because it increases bonding, especially when each other's sexual desires are fulfilled. Women will also argue that money is important because then they won't have to feel the need to cheat in pursuit of one with more money, others say money and time are the few things that show a man actually cares about them. (After being dumped men will rarely say she broke my heart but will roar she ate my money for nothing).

Truth of the matter is we unconsciously compromise more when these two are involved. When the guy is good in bed, she may stay for that reason and ignore that he actually never calls or ever shows he actually cares about her, when he spends on you one may ignore that he is married or always absent, many are side dishes to wives, others too work-when the spouse is married to his work and they stay mainly because he at least spends on them, he may stay because she gives good head and will always forgive her cheating because she is great in bed. Sex and money are necessary in every relationship but are not the main factors.

Stella confessed that before she got married she always tried to cut off the sex and money supply in the relationship just to check if despite not having those two she would stay and was surprised even the ones she was rooting for they had nothing in common but sex and money and she wanted more.

She wanted friendship, companionship, silly talks she wanted a bond outside sex and money.  As for Ken, after one month of not having sex while she was on one of her field jobs, he realised they had nothing to even talk about he lamented. The WhatsApp chats were stale, they couldn't sustain the conversations for more five minutes and this is the girl he was almost proposing to, many ladies will jump at his throat saying the player just wanted sex from the girlfriend but all in honesty, he didn't know he wasn't in love, he had even bought the ring and was ready to go down on one knee.

There are many benefits of sex in our lives for both men and women. When the sex is great with your partner, your confidence will increase in other areas, says Sandor Gardos a sex therapist.

When all goes well in bed, you feel more confident and powerful in other parts of your life,” this makes us more daring and uninhibited in life, our sense of being attractive, desirable, proficient and confident, this in turn brings positive thinking and actions to our personal lives.

Much as women enjoy sex more, men love it way more and would rather have it for breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner, that's excluding snacks which are the quickies in this case. Married couples stress that sex is very important in a committed relationship because it maintains a level of intimacy that both people need in order to succeed.

Aside from reproduction, sex is also essential for more other reasons in any devoted relationship. It is ultimately all about intimacy, the pleasure, and sexual expression. Intercourse has many positive intellectual, physical, emotional and social benefits.

Understanding these benefits will help couples recognise that sex in their relationships will not only help themselves but help bond their relationship further and create a broader sense of intimacy in a loving relationship, whether this is a long-term relationship or one that's just starting , sex is vital.

Money to a woman is like is water to a nursery bed, it’s a necessity for her to feel good, look good, dress well, not fall into temptations of sugar daddies, and did I mention feel good oh ya I did. (That feeling you get when you know all bills are catered including a few luxuries)Going forward, although there is a lot of love between the partners in the relationship, if there is no money to buy daily bread, then things can't be harmonious in the relationship for too long.

Men are more agitated and pissy when they cannot provide at home, some even turn violent or drown in alcohol and very rarely do couples stick to each other when such unending money problems arise.

Nobody can choose to live in poverty for long unless for a few special cases where the foundation of the relationship was of a deep friendship and companionship. One of the partners may choose to walk away if the conditions are not changing for the better, many will be quick to say the woman, but after losing their financial merit and their ego is affected, and men tend to withdraw from the relationship even before they actually walk away.

Financial Problems Cause Frustration When there are ups and downs, we all tend to get frustrated and it is quite natural. But when one has to go through financial issues for too long, the frustration levels peak and that is when one would take drastic steps. For example, when the husband is totally broke and has to live on the wife's money, he might gradually drill a hole in her purse too, in such a scenario, the relationship's survival chances are minimal. Financial security like it or not is important in relationships and without it, it is difficult to maintain a relationship for too long.

Ladies have to leave their fathers who used to protect and provide for them and get boyfriends/husbands who they now perceive as their protectors. It’s no wonder that when their bills hit up, they now run to the men in their lives as they initially ran to their dads and when their spouse can’t help it sometimes strains the relationship.

A close friend of mine recently got married to this wonderful beautiful woman whom he found paying her own rent plus all her bills, but now that they are married the working class lady doesn't even buy a match box which strains him- this all goes back to how she left her father's house and you are now the new man to take over. Much as am not entirely in support of this (not paying for anything) I understand her, she now has to devote all her money to looking good for him.

The reasons men over complain about ladies loving money so much are first; because they actually do not have it (money) and are frustrated thus end up shifting the incapacity fury to the woman. Second, because they actually love money more than women.

Ivy had this guy who was on her neck for more than three years until she told him she was emotionally unavailable but she wouldn't mind spending his money, she never got to hear from him again.

Men love their money, he was willing to waste time on a woman who wasn't interested for three years but not a dime on her and that's why women want their men to spend on them because money pains most of them more which shows if they can spend on them maybe they care. (Some men spend it on anything and anyone though)

Contrary to what most guys think, women love money and need it in a relationship, but it’s not the defining factor. Most men think that with money you can get any girl you like but which type of girl and for how long? remember some make their own money and even if she is after your money, after spending it for a year or two and living in luxury, a smart one will question whether it’s worth it, you cheating all the time, your arrogance, you are never around, disrespectful, bad in bed and she will save enough and leave your sorry ass and go be with a broke one who is respectful and good in all the other ways. Money is an important factor in a relationship but it’s not everything and so is sex and beauty.

21 Questions...

As a guy would you stay in a relationship without sex?  If yes for how long? My lady, would you stay if he had no money or worse had it but couldn't spend it on you? If yes for how long? Would you stay in the relationship if all they have to offer is money ( cry in a Bentley but rich as F)  is it enough? When he is disrespectful, a cheat, abusive, arrogant, and too selfish - would you stay only for the money? Would you stay only for sex and her beauty? Would you stay if all she had to offer was mind blowing sex, no etiquette, no meaningful conversations except about bleaching, make up and shopping and the whole nine yards... would you, would you stay?


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