Minister Anite books out  Kansanga’s Boss Mutoto salon

Minister Anite books out  Kansanga’s Boss Mutoto salon
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The State Minister for Finance, Anite Anite Kajik is known for going the extra mile at her job. She is known for going over and above to achieve her mandate. It is perhaps why she took time and booked out tycoon, Williams Bugeme’s saloon, Boss Mutoto Salon in Kansanga.

Salon Sojourn

On a day when heavy rains battered the city, leaving many seeking shelter, Minister Anite found herself embarking on a unique mission. With meticulous planning, she booked out the illustrious Boss Mutoto Salon, owned by tycoon Williams Bugeme, located in the upscale neighborhood of Kansanga.

Rumors swirl about the opulence of this salon, where a single haircut reportedly commands a staggering $100.

While the exact details of Minister Anite's expenditure remain shrouded in mystery, insiders suggest that her visit was not merely for personal grooming but rather a strategic move.

Sources close to the Minister reveal that she utilizes such outings to conduct thorough due diligence on various businesses operating within Uganda.

By immersing herself in the customer experience firsthand, she gains valuable insights into the quality of services offered. Furthermore, she seizes the opportunity to engage with business owners, sharing her expertise and offering guidance on how to propel their enterprises forward.

Culinary exploration

Following her salon escapade, Minister Anite's quest for excellence led her to the renowned Congolese Cuisine restaurant, Chez Boss Mutoto, nestled in the serene surroundings of Munyonyo. Here, she was graciously hosted by none other than the proprietor himself, Williams Bugeme.

Bugeme, recently thrust into the limelight for his extravagant display of generosity towards Congolese artiste Fally Ipupa, spared no effort in ensuring Anite's dining experience was nothing short of exceptional. Together, they embarked on a culinary journey, sampling an array of delectable dishes meticulously crafted by the restaurant's culinary maestros.

Amidst the gastronomic delights, Minister Anite and Bugeme engaged in spirited conversation, exchanging ideas and perspectives on matters ranging from economic development to cultural diplomacy. As the evening unfolded, laughter and camaraderie filled the air, a testament to the bonds forged over shared experiences and mutual respect.

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