Uganda Blood Transfusion Services endorse I&M Bank as blood donation drive partners

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services endorse I&M Bank as blood donation drive partners
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Health centers around the country continue to struggle due to lack of adequate blood transfusion services, this calls for volunteer donors to come in and fill the void. It’s a noble cause I&M Bank have accustomed themselves to, thanks to a reputable partnership with the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services.

For the last two days, the front yard of the Kingdom Kampala I&M Bank offices has been a hive of activity with a blood donation drive that has seen Uganda Blood Transfusion Services and I&M Bank officials encourage passersby to get in on the act. In the end, 100 units of blood had been collected. The drive stretched to the I&M Bank Jinja City Branch, plot 8 Scindia Road with a positive response from the public.

“This blood drive has given the public members the opportunity to donate blood and save lives, making it a success. We have collected a good amount of blood and the turn up has been encouraging. We are grateful to I&M Bank for providing the space and creating a blood donation platform, it says a lot about the kind of organization they are,” said Uganda Blood Transfusion Services representative Barbara Adupo Irene.

For I&M Bank, the prosperity of business and society go hand in hand therefore organising a blood drive is one way of reifying the narrative fronted by the I&M Foundation. A fruitful blood donation drive gives hope to those in need of blood somewhere at a hospital or health centre. This fits into one of I&M Bank’s core values and beliefs, enabling giving, that focuses on strengthening partnerships for sustainable community development.

“The decision to host a blood drive has helped ensure patients somewhere receive the treatment they need. Blood drives help different kinds of patients with conditions like cancer, premature babies, accident victims, those suffering from burns and others with critical situations. As I&M Bank, we know that these patients depend on the public’s generosity therefore pushing us to coordinate a blood donation drive to help ensure a reliable blood supply,” said I&M Bank Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Annette Nakiyaga.

The Jinja City Branch Manager, Mr Daniel Cyprian Waiswa, is optimistic that the blood donation drive is a way of giving back to their clients and the public at large for entrusting and choosing I&M Bank. The two day event garnered 90 units of blood.

Joseph Kakaire, who had turned up for the exercise, said the public needs to be sensitised about the importance of donating blood that will be needed by some of their relatives and friends. “Sickle cell patients need blood, while some expectant mothers lose blood while giving birth; so, they, too, need it. “I have donated blood 12 times since, feel I have saved 12 lives in hospital, and urge everyone to do the same.”

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services have for a long time put it out that there is a need for more blood. Their cry goes to the government and key stakeholders to come up with more ways of boosting blood donation to fill the country’s blood void.

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