Be as consistent as the unending November rains

Be as consistent as the unending November rains
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By Hamzah Ssali

November is a long-awaited month for Uganda, especially in the central region solely for enjoying the tasty grasshoppers. That may sound strange for those who have not tasted these insects. But trust me, they are the most delicious insect as far as I know.

Growing up, I used to listen to weird, shocking stories of Chinese eating snails, cockroaches, millipedes. As a Ugandan adult that enjoys nsenene grasshoppers I have learned not to judge and respect people’s delicacies. If the Chinese find snails delicious then so be it. I would resent being told to stop eating them.

Musenene is the name of the 11th month on the Ganda annual calendar.  Yes, that is how civilized the Baganda were, every month has a native name that corresponds to what that month is most known for; depending on the way of living to nature to lifestyle and behavior.

As far as November is concerned , musenene is the name because it’s the time of the year when swarms of grasshoppers grace the land with their miraculous presence from origins unknown to supplement our diet with their protein boost that will gently slide us into and end of year festive mood in harmony.

As the saying goes, nothing comes easy, this delicious protein based miraculous insects come along with a heavy downpour and that is the green light signifier.

However,  this year chances of satisfying the tastes buds with a yummy snack looked in danger of not happening as  2023 November rains had almost disappointed.

In the past, no sooner had the November rains started than you could see green insects flying around your window pane in the luminous of a bright outdoor security light.

But in 2023, as November progressed, the much cherished insects or grasshoppers were nowehere to be seen. It became such a matter of national concern that even the the president asked where they had gone?  But this has since changed.

Consistency and persistence are key in success of every mission and such is how November 2023 rains have been this year. You wake up to a cloudy morning at 7am by 7.30 drizzles are falling for more than 20 more minutes with a thunderstorm and that goes on for 2 hours. A little sunshine rays penetrate the dark fortress of cloud at 1 pm and before you know it, its thunderstorm again and this consistency has been on up until almost end of the month when finally, at last the long-awaited delicacy made its appearance like a bride jetting out of palace doors

In a nutshell for oneself to succeed one has to be as consistent as the unending November rains .We are delighted to finally have a feast, thanks to nature that has allowed it.

Written by Hamzah Ssali

Account Manager, NextMedia


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