I&M bank's commitment to golf shines through Serena 63 Golf series


On Saturday May 27, I&M Bank's unwavering commitment to the sport of golf shined brightly at the Serena 63 Golf Series subsidiary tournament. The May Mug of Mugs, which also served as the Serena 63 Series Quarterly Order of Merit, was a culmination of months of exhilarating golfing action.

After an eventful day navigating and conquering   the greens, golfers and stakeholders gathered at the picturesque Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa for a prize giving dinner.

Adding a touch of musical charm to the event, Jemimah Sanyu and the Unit 446 Band delighted the crowd with their melodious tones and captivating dance moves. The vibrant and festive ambiance created an unforgettable experience for all the golfers and stakeholders present.

The highlight of the evening was the prize-giving dinner, where the winners of the subsidiary  tournament were honored and presented with their well-deserved accolades. I&M Bank, alongside other esteemed sponsors such as Uganda Airlines and Serena Hotels, curated an impressive selection of exclusive rewards for the top performers of the subsidiary tournament.

Acting Managing Director Sam Ntulume presents an award to Charles Hamya

From high-quality golf merchandise to carefully curated hampers, the prizes served as a testament to I&M Bank's commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence in the sport. Acting Managing Director of I&M Bank, Sam Ntulume, proudly presented the well-deserved prizes to the winners of the Serena 63 series subsidiary tournament, including Leenah Halai, Charles Hamya, and Mr. Owen.

Acting Managing Director I&M Bank Sam Ntulume presents a golf club to Robert Ejiku

"These prizes go beyond material possessions; they symbolize I&M Bank's belief in the power of recognition and encouragement. By offering such valuable rewards, we aim to inspire golfers to continue pursuing their passion and strive for even greater heights in their golfing journeys." Said Ntulume

Annette Nakiyaga, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at I&M Bank, took the opportunity to extend their support beyond the realm of prizes.

“Our support extends beyond the realm of prizes. As we continue to provide valuable assistance and guidance to ensure the smooth execution of the Serena 63 Golf Series. We call upon golfers to join the I&M Bank family so that we can continue supporting and nurturing the golfing community” said Nakiyaga .

The Serena Golf series is a golf competition that runs over a 40-week period where players are required to play a minimum of 36-18 hole round of golf to qualify for the main prizes.

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