Ramadhan Tip: Who is exempt from fasting during Ramadhan?


One of the ways in which Allah has made things easy for His servants is that He has only enjoined fasting upon those who are able to do it, and excused those who are unable to fast for legitimate reasons.

A Muslim scholar, Sheikh Sulait Kasujja who also doubles as the deputy head teacher Zai and Nursery Primary school-Namagoma said in Islam there are some people who are exempted from fasting.

Some of these include; the sick, travellers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, senility and old age, women in menstruation period, young children and insane people.

“If someone gets an accident or epilepsy where a person can become unconscious for sometimes when he or she was fasting, the fast is invalidated,” he said.

Sickness in this case refers to any illness that require an individual to take medication frequently, according to the scholars.

For the travelers, the journey must be long enough and tiresome. His or her journey must not be for any sinful purpose, rather it should be for a sound purpose, according to the majority of scholars.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, they may not fast on the condition that they think there is a risk that they or their children may become ill or more ill, or be harmed or may die.

Senility and old age; Senility and old age refer to one who is old and has lost his strength, or who is approaching death, so that every day he becomes weaker, until he dies, or who is suffering from a terminal or incurable illness and has no hope of recovery.

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