Ragga Dee: "Afropalooza is one of the greatest things out of Uganda"


Music legend Ragga Dee the chairman of the National Cultural Forum shared that “Afropalooza is one of the greatest things to come out of Uganda as it brings together music, culture and food from over 65 cultures.”

Kampala Sheraton’s PR Michael Kwesigwa shared the hotel’s joy in continuously partnering with Talent Africa to execute unique event experiences and promised an excellent culinary experience delivered by one of the country’s first international standard hotels.

Jameson’s Regional Commercial Manager Adewole Tokan-Lawal stated that “As Jameson, we take pride in our motto, “Créateurs de Convivialité” (friendliness in human interactions) and we want to be at the heart of events that promote togetherness. We believe that Afropalooza will strongly promote the arts and culture in the country.”

Nile Special’s David Dhamuzungu explains that “There’s no better time to come out and celebrate Uganda than Afropalooza and there is no better way to celebrate Uganda than with Nile special.”

Vivian Lyazi, the commissioner of The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities shared that, “We are grateful for the whole space of players involved in Afropalooza that are jointly a spark in the economy as different sectors come together to celebrate an arts and cultural festival that brings people from all over the world to celebrate #UgandaAt60.”

Afropalooza’s headlining sponsor MTN’s message was delivered by Som Dev Sen, the Chief Marketing Officer who explained that “Afropalooza is more than just a music experience and with MTN on board, we’ll work with Talent Africa to grow an annual national flagship event that showcases everything that Uganda is about.” He also called on key players involved in the music business to focus on promoting Ugandan music to the world while accepting music from the world.

Talent Africa CEO, Aly Allibhai shared that, “Afropalooza will showcase Uganda as the leading nightlife and entertainment destination in Africa through music, art, fashion, culinary experience, 3D mappings and a lot more.”

Talent Africa is focused on creating an annual city festival that brings the world together to celebrate Uganda while benefitting the entire tourism ecosystem through transportation, culinary experiences, Arts, Accommodation, and nightlife. In line with other mega continental festivals like Afronation, Coachela, Nyege Nyege, Winterlude, Coachela and Glastonbury festival, several businesses will benefit from festival dwellers who travel from around the world to Kampala on a hunt for a unique festival experience.

Afropalooza is organized by MTN Uganda and Talent Africa in partnership with Jameson, Nile Special, New Vision, NBS, Sheraton, Mighty Rides, Stanbic Bank, Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities.

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