TICKED OFF: Pastor Bugingo introduction splits pastors, top celebrities (VIDEO)

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This week, renowned city pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries, became the talk of town after being introduced by longtime lover Susan Makula Nantaba.

In a lavish customary marriage ceremony held on Tuesday and flocked by city celebrities and prominent people, Makula introduced Bugingo to her parents in Kawuku, Entebbe Municipality.

However, their introduction ceremony has since sparked controversy with many wondering how Pastor Bugingo could embark on a second marriage before court grants him a divorce from his first wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

Among the discontented is comedian and the managing director of Fun Factory Uganda, Hannington Bugingo. Bugingo attacked his namesake for, "Playing on his followers’ minds by contradicting the principles of the word of God."

Appearing in an interview on NBS Television’s Uncut show, the comedian lashed out at Bugingo saying what the pastor did is unlawful and that it should never be allowed to happen.


The comedian cum actor wondered how the police escorted the couple throughout the eventful day yet what they did was ‘against the law’.  He said police should have interrogated the pastor instead of escorting and ‘babysitting’ him.

“Is he above the law?. The law of this land says you cannot get married again unless you’re officially divorced. So, why did he go ahead to get married because that is a traditional ceremony. So, why does government sit down?” the comedian questioned.

He appealed to lawyers and police authorities to step up and intervene to stop Bugingo’s customary marriage with Makula.

Pastor Martin Sempa of the Makerere Community Church agreed heartily and said that what Bugingo did is evil and paints a bad image of pastors in the country.

Sempa called upon Ugandans to stop considering Bugingo a pastor. “He should never preach the word of God again,” Sempa said on Uncut.

The outspoken pastor added that as pastors, they cannot stand and watch on while Bugingo indulges his ‘lusty behaviour’.

“We cannot give this a deaf ear because what Bugingo is doing is contradicting what he has been preaching all along. He’s trying to make his salvation look okay. What he’s doing is a horrible thing,” Sempa said.

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha of Empowerment Christian Centre Church International noted that despite having spent millions on the lavish introduction ceremony, the Bugingo and Makula’s marriage could still end in tears.

“Makula could have introduced Bujingo in a lavish ceremony but that’s not a benchmark for marriage. Anybody can make a wedding, anybody can make an introduction ceremony but that cannot guarantee marriage,” Mondo said.

Bugingo and Makula dragged to court

City lawyer Male Mabirizi is one of many Ugandans who seem offended by the new couple’s customary marriage.

The lawyer has filled a lawsuit against Bugingo and Makula accusing the pair of participating in a customary marriage despite both being aware of the subsisting marriage between the former and Teddy Naluswa.

Quoting section 50 of the Marriage Act CAP, 251, Mabirizi said Bugingo and Makula contradicted the customary marriage law by engaging illegally.

Mabirizi told NBS that Bujingo and his new lovebird risk facing a five-year jail term.

It’s worth noting that Bujingo and Naluswa having been married together for about 29 years, tied the knot in December 2003, through a church marriage at Victory Christian Centre, Ndeeba.

Teddy Naluswa and Aloysius Bugingo

However, their marriage hit dead-end in 2019 when Bugingo separated from Naluswa who he accused of embarrassing him in public and in front of their children, before eventually hooking up with a new lover and his employee at Salt TV, Susan Makula.

Bugingo and Naluswa have for nearly two years been in endless court battles with Bugingo seeking divorce from Naluswa while the latter has insisted that the two made a vow before God to stay together forever.

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